Attention towards the most profitable investment option of the last few years grows. New brands and investors are being added to the retail market. Towerlife Chairwoman Selen Almaç Deniz, warns the newcomers about choosing ‘the right location’.

While the retail market continues being profitable for both domestic and foreign investors, there are many recommendations for the new entrepreneurs by the experts. The Chairwoman of TOWERLIFE Retail Location and Brand Consultancy, Selen Almaç Deniz states that the ‘random roads’ many local and international companies find themselves getting into can lead investors to unwanted results.

Selen Almaç Deniz; pointing out the continuous success of the franchise market in Turkey and it’s neighbouring countries states that when many brands -small or large- find success after getting into the franchising system, it may seem as though the success was random; in reality, many brands that get into this market blindly are having an exceptionally hard time in it. Many important and valuable entrepreneurs and brands have thus either lost their values or closed down due to their poor choices in moving their franchise forward. These are all testaments to why it is vital to have a consultant with you on your journey towards franchising your brand.


A FRANCHISE INVESTOR doesn’t just buy a name but buys a business model.

“We always point out the fact that for the initial investment to be sustainable, the foundations have to be strong. Stages such as location procurement and feasibility operations have to be professionally supervised. Regarding the memorability and recognition of a brand, location holds a big role.”


A brand must be persistent with its motto

Regarding sustainability, the main message of the brand should not be subject to seasonal changes but be persistent and only flexible in the way of its delivery to the target audience. At this stage, it is ideal to pool ideas from various agencies and when it comes to foundational ideas and sharing future goals, to move forward with only one. This will prove to be a much healthier approach to the development of any brand.


Competition is easier in alternative concepts

“Overall in the retail market of Turkey, investment in food, restaurant and cafe always turn out to be profitable and open for growth and expansion” says Selen Almaç Deniz; recommending to investors to work with trustworthy and proven brands.


“Good brands have good incomes, but the brands that provide alternative catering concepts can compete with global brands much easier. I always recommend local food; especially döner and tantuni concepts are highly profitable in the country, even more so in Istanbul. For Ankara and Antalya, franchise opportunities for larger pre-built restaurants should be considered. The success of Turkish franchise brands hasn’t gone unnoticed throughout the inter- national community. Profitability of local tastes are superior to internationally known recipes and concepts. The quick success of the branches we have opened in both Adana and Gaziantep stands as the proof of all that is discussed here. In Turkey, smart investments to food sector is always profitable”

Franchise Market Türkiye
Üç ayda bir basılarak kitabevlerinden sanayi odalarına, beş yıldızlı otellerden havalimanlarına kadar birçok noktaya ulaşıyor. Hazırladığımız kaliteli, zengin içeriklerle ve ortak platformda buluşturduğumuz markalar, tedarikçiler ve yatırımcılarla franchise sektörüne hız veren ve ileriye taşıyan katma değerler yaratıyoruz ve daha fazlasını yaratmak için çalışmalarımızı sürdürüyoruz.